A New Start


Take a moment to sit down and relax from your everyday worries and tribulations and do nothing. Give your brain a second to adjust to the silence from all the worldly noise that clutters your thinking space. Now, getting anxious from the lack of stimulation that you constantly receive, you’re probably about ready to chuck this article. Just bear with me though, you’ll get my point soon. 

Just be completely honest with yourself. Realize how old you are, and how old you really are. Look at your current situation, whatever it may be, and analyze it without judgment. Just take it as it is. Stop the pretending and the lying and the acting. 

We live in a world where we are all constantly thinking about 1 week, 1 month, 1 year and even a decade away. Living in this fantasy world about where we want to be, we sometimes neglect where we really are. While it is ok to want something better and have some progress in our lives, that progress will never come unless we live in the current day and moment. 

Here’s my example. I am not a successful 27 year old entrepreneur. I am 21 years old. My parents completely support me. I am in college. Every day I will focus on what I can do today. I will stop pretending that I am where I want to be and realize that I am not. But i’m going to be 100% ok with where I am. There is a time and place for everything. And today the time and place calls for me to just be a 21 year old college student, a good friend, a good boyfriend, and a good human. And I realize that without this step I will never be where I dream. 

I love New Year’s Resolutions. But I think it’s important to keep everything I mentioned in mind. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, quit smoking, be a better spouse or be a better student, be honest with where you really are and quit the harsh judgment. Ask yourself what you can do today to get to where you want to be tomorrow and that’s it. 

Honesty and acceptance to the voice inside is the best medicine. Stop shutting it down and pretending that you’re everything you want to be. When it finally speaks up, don’t hate yourself. Love yourself for who you are, be your best friend and be excited for the journey ahead. 

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Don’t Judge Me

Yesterday I was at the airport anxious out of my mind and waiting… waiting for my stupid freakin’ plane to take off from San Diego and get on its way to San Fran. Of course everyone else in the airport is also out their minds. You take the stress from the whole week and it all just seems to come out in the chaos that is waiting for TSA lines, taking off your shoes, dealing with crying babies and turbulence. And of course, when everybody else is stressin’, it only makes me stress even more. It was a clusterf**k.

But let me tell you about this woman. I think she may have changed my life forever.

The first time I saw her was when she approached the airline clerk. You know, the “guy behind the counter who takes your tickets and also updates your miserable life when he tells you that your flight will be delayed for another three hours.” She approached him and asked him a question and didn’t see the sign that said that the counter was closed. The clerk simply pointed to the sign and she in a fit of rage swiped the sign where it was more visible and muttered something to him.

I was like, damn I really hope this woman doesn’t sit next to me on the plane.

The funny part was that she kept staring at Heather and I. She would walk over to the TV, look to see if the flight was delayed any longer, go to the window, walk back and stare at us… and then repeat the process. On what must have been her tenth cycle of madness, she looked at me and asked “what are you studying?” I told her that I was helping Heather study for her history of mathematics class and that I was trying to figure out Babylonian algebra and their ridiculous base sixty system. Eyes wide she replied “oh how interesting!” and proceeded to sit next to us.

This is where I was like, “you got to be kidding me… ME out of all people here gets stuck with pacer lady…”

Wow. My negative attitude about to stick it to me. The next three hours were one of the most pleasant encounters I’ve ever had with a stranger. She was actually a professor of mathematics at a near by university. And for the remaining time at the airport what she did was help Heather with her Babylonian algebra. It was something that she found super fascinating as a mathematician. And by the way she explained it and related it to our daily lives, something that I too gathered a lot of interest in. As nerdy as it sounds, the three of us bonded over numbers at the airport.

The craziest part about this was that when I first saw her I thought she was super weird. But that was completely my fault. It was nothing that she did. In retrospect, I couldn’t have seen her moving the clerks sign in anger. After getting to know her she was probably just moving it over to be nice so that other people didn’t make the same mistake that she did.

And about her constantly pacing… who wouldn’t?! Your flight is three hours late and you’ve got a connection to catch. Wouldn’t you be super nervous?

As cliche as it sounds, I really don’t think I’ll ever prejudge someone ever again… or at least I’ll try not too. It’s embedded in our minds to see someone strange and try to make sense of them, to try to get the mystery resolved and pretend like you know who they are. But you know what? I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. She was one of the nicest woman I have ever met. She didn’t have to come make conversation with us, and she certainly didn’t have to help Heather with her homework all night. Next time I see someone I don’t know. I’m going to wonder what they’re like instead of just presuming that I know everything about them. And if i’m really curious, i’ll go talk to them.

I challenge you to do the same. If we could all find a little time to do this maybe the world wouldn’t seem so narrow. We could realize that there are so many different people out there and that the cliches and stereotypes that we have engraved in our minds hardly exist. And with this realization we can start to set higher boundaries for ourselves. We could achieve what we dream and not hold ourselves back by the notion that we are stuck to some stereotype.

Just a little thought.

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A thought about inspiring places

Here’s a thought… When there’s a big task at hand, people tend to go to a big magnificent inspirational place.

Does that actually help?

Let’s say you’re writing a song. Instead of having a greater acceptance for what may naturally come to you, I feel like you’re pressured to create something of the same grandeur as your inspirational spot.

Maybe, it’a much more natural, and a much more organic creation can be thought up if you let the inspiration come from within instead of forcing something that isn’t.



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Is your heart the most important thing to follow?

It leads to the greatest happiness if things work out. But what if they don’t?

Not only that… Your heart’s message can be quite confusing. At moments it aches and longs for something, then you come to find that the longing was only a single step in the milestone of figuring out what it really wanted. You come ask yourself, “why is it that I really love that?” And, sometimes the deeper you dig, the more confused you get. Sometimes, you figure out that it was only because of a small childhood memory in which you exhibited the greatest amount of warmth. And, that single thought makes you enjoy, say driving in the rain.

But lets get to more important things. What if you want to move to a new city? Or, what if you want to change your career? Let’s imagine that your going to completely uproot your life, because of this sometimes small tingle in your chest. If you don’t do it now, it may be too late and that tingle might turn into a tremendous ache… or you may have to wait a while till you fully understand what you want. How do you know?

I don’t know if we can ever figure it out. But the scariest thing is that life is so short. You could make such a grand mistake following that messy organ. Sometimes logic kicks in and asks you, does this really make sense?

And then it’s time to decide.

And, you’ll never know if you made the right choice.

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10 Years

Ten years?



It really gets me thinking of how fast time flies by. Not only is tomorrow not a guarantee, but tomorrow is going to race by. Before you know it, tomorrow is done and your getting ready for the next day. As quick as a snap, the day is stamped, sealed, and locked away in the iron and unlock-able drawer that we call history.

Look at the clock. The seconds keep ticking, ticking away. There’s no way to stop it’s massive momentum. Look and analyze the present and once you’ve registered it, it’s already become the past.

This moment in time, when i’m twenty years old, going to school, living with my friends, playing music in a band, it’s the only moment that will EVER be like this. Moments in time are never going to be replicated.

I try to think , “Am I doing what I should be?” “Am I going in the right direction?” “Am I becoming who I want to become?” Twenty only happens once. When I peek into history’s iron drawer, will I be happy with twenty?

The problem with all of this, is that every second is like an approaching deadline. We need to act quick to make what we want to happen, happen.

But how are you supposed to know what you want to happen?

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Summer’s End

Summer is fucking ending. It’s that dreaded saying at that dreaded time of the year. It’s that feeling of knowing that you’re going to have to get back onto someone else’s schedule and obey their every command for the entirety of a semester. And for what? Oh, just because your future depends on it…. no big, right?

But, it’s not only that. The word “summer” strikes a strong chord in many people. That chord is vibrant, echoing and full of life. It’s because Summer is that time where you do nothing, yet you do so much. I feel like every time I walk out having learned so much about myself. ( So much more than i’ve ever learned at school.) Through the warm late nights chillin’ around a jacuzzi and sippin’ brews, to the painfully early rock climbing and surfing sessions, there is so much time for reflection. At split seconds you can decide to travel to San Francisco, New York, Europe, or maybe Honduras to broaden your horizons and learn so much more than a textbook could ever teach you.

While we float around the schedule-less haven we seem to meet people everywhere we go. If you didn’t travel far, the travel lessons can come to you in the travelers that you meet at home. India, Canada, England, or Germany, the entire world seemed to be right at the palm of my hand.

Take a second and ask yourself what this summer taught you. I know that

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it taught me that this world is way bigger than I every imagined. Everyday you can see someone or meet someone that you had no idea ever existed. And at the same time, life is way too short to get caught up in situations that when looked back at in the future will only seem like tiny specks in the grand scheme of the rest of your life.

So how am I going to keep living like this? Really, really living it up. I guess i’m challenging myself and everyone to live an endless summer (no pun.) Go out and really experience the world and don’t get tied down by the monotnies of next semester.

Summer went by way to fast. Time escapes you. It flies by before you even know it.

¡Viva la Vida!

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Spring Forward

Once the earth comes to life, I am alive once again.

There’s something rather enticing about the spring. New life is its motif. You wake up in the morning to see that it’s already bright outside. Birds are singing, pollen fertilizes the air and a perfect warmth embraces you.

It’s a time where, for me, New Years’ resolutions begin to actualize. You begin to see the effects of your newfound life goals. Or, maybe if you haven’t been that great at keeping your promises, it’s a time where the revitalization that encircles you may inspire you to  create that new and fresh you.


Your wardrobe is a metaphor of your new and freeing attitude. You rep fresh new t-shirts and flowery dresses. There’s no need to put on a burdening jacket that your only going to need to take off later when it’s a little to hot to wear but a little to cold to be comfortable.

I like to think this is why they call the time change “Spring Forward.” The season is simply about progress, as Mother Earth begins to lift herself from the sleep we call winter and you begin to feel great, new and re-energized.



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